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11 Jan

” These are some of the most common complaints and questions our support team receives.Facebook’s ad review time can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 days.There’s no way to know exactly how the review process works but we can make some educated guesses.It’s extremely unlikely, with the huge number of ads that gets published every day, that the entire Facebook Ad review process is fully manual.This suggests that ads might be automatically approved if none of the above checks are triggered and only later sent to a human for review.Check it out in Facebook Ad History: Facebook has a detailed list of “prohibited content,” all the illegal and otherwise questionable things that you couldn’t get through more traditional advertising channels in print, on the radio, or on TV.

They should try, of course, to attract the user’s attention in a positive way.Something we always get questions about is why Facebook ads get rejected.You’ve worked really hard to get your Facebook ad just right.It’s likely a mix of algorithmic and manual analysis.Here are some factors that may greatly influence your approval time: Takeaway: Again these are all speculations, but I think they’re pretty likely.