1911 serial dating

26 Dec

Consequently, engine numbers can only be used to date the "engine" NOT the car.It might be interesting to note that Ford claims to have built fifteen million Model T cars; this figure based on the number of engines.The numbers shown are based on the dates of the sale of the engine/automobile.From the available data it appears that engines were installed in cars, or sold as engines only, in numerical order until summer of 1912.However, some engines were assembled and numbered at branch assembly plants.Highland Park would ship a block of engine-number records to an assembly plant and these engines might be made weeks or months afterwards.169,### to 173,### in November, and 169,### to 183,563 in December.

We have found no evidence of engine numbers in the 158,000 to 169,000 range.Add the thousands of cars made in Canada, which are not included in the U. serial numbers, and the fifteen million is a reasonably safe number. * Numbers shown are based on the dates of sale, not of manufacture.(Canadian serial numbers, beginning about 1913, generally begin with a "C" and were not a part of the U. ** The actual dates of manufacture of engines before 1913 have yet to be discovered.The ordnance "flaming bomb" was also located on the frame where the inspectors mark typically appears on Colt manufactured 1911 pistols.Unlike commercially contracted weapons, government manufactured arms did not require an ordnance acceptance mark.