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15 Oct

You can choose these articles to link into the rest of the lesson you have planned, or you can improvise the lesson based on what comes up from the reading and discussion. Similar teacher-led warmers include anecdotes that are obviously false and eliciting a whole text using only mime. Start with a bang One general way of looking at a good start to the lesson is something that instantly gets their attention and gets them involved, such as a performance by the teacher, writing TEST in big letters on the board, tossing the cards to play the same game as last week to pairs of students, blowing up a beach ball without saying what it is for, or asking them to stand up. Start slow To match the moods of particular students or particular lessons and to add variety (as well as to save you having to think of a high impact start to every single lesson) you can see the first stage of the lesson as something that ends with them ready to go but starts fairly slowly.This could consist of checking homework, being given texts to read or chatting.This can be justified if the students are losing motivation to do their homework because the teacher treats it as an afterthought, if they need the language in the homework for the rest of the class, if it lasts the same 3 to 10 minutes as a good warmer, if it is unlikely to lead onto long language presentations that will extend that period and distract from the main language point of the day, if it links to the next stage of the lesson plan, and if it is followed by something fun.A good way of cutting down on the time and tedium of starting by checking the homework is to give students the answer key (either with the homework or at the beginning of the next class) to check their own answers.Our free adult chat rooms were created to provide adults that want to meet other adults with a friendly and easy to use environment.In order to make sure that the adult chat room is always friendly, be very welcoming towards newcomers and other users that are not too sure about what they are doing.Possibilities include testing each other on their memory of the content of a story or other text (especially if that is bound to bring up particular language or if the same characters are in the next lesson), doing the same gap fill again but reading out the sentences with a “hmmmmm” representing the gap to test your partner, or testing their memory of what actually happened in class (maybe using particular language such as “first”, “then” and “finally”). Mini tests The great thing about students testing each other is that it is fun, which is more than can necessarily be said for “pop quizzes” from the teacher.You might still want to give them mini tests yourself occasionally or regularly if: a test such as the end of year exam is a real priority for the students; the students have started thinking that games in the rest of your lessons means that the English lessons aren’t serious; some students who manage to struggle through speaking work need showing just how far behind they are in other ways; or if more fun ways of practising the target language have not been successful in helping them learn it.

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You can then just take questions on why certain answers are correct, if other answers are possible etc. Error correction Correcting errors from the last homework or last lesson’s speaking task is another activity I remember less than fondly from the starts of my school lessons but still use myself sometimes. grammar auction or pairwork error dictation, and to make sure all the students are involved. Student presentations If you are getting the students to give presentations, the beginning of the lesson can work in some classes as it means the presenter can get it out of the way and so concentrate on the rest of the lesson without worrying about what they are going to say, and because it tends to be interesting for the other students.

You can add fun to checking homework by basing the first game entirely on the language in the workbook, e.g. It may also be possible for you to form a clear link between the presentation or the feedback on it and the aim of the rest of the lesson.

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