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03 Oct

7.1 FORMAL OPENING Each session of the Court shall be brought to order by formal announcement by the Bailiff of the Court.

All parties and all persons in the courtroom shall rise when the Judge enters the courtroom and will remain standing until the Judge announces "be seated".

No verbal notice by Court staff or bailiff concerning any matters shall be binding as grounds for continuance, setting aside a warrant, dismissal of any case, or any other relief.with the arrival of Santa Claus beneath a hundred thousand twinkling lights in historic downtown New Braunfels.The City is extending an invitation to the public to attend the Loop 337 Expansion Project Groundbreaking Ceremony on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. in the right-of-way in front of Oakwood Church, which is located at The City University program allows citizens to experience the workings of their city government first hand.Motions for continuance used as the purpose of delay will not be granted.4.2 FORM OF CONTINUANCE All motions for continuance shall contain the following: Motions not submitted within the timelines noted above will not be granted.