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23 May

Carter was convicted of manslaughter for encouraging Lynn Roy's son to take his own life Lynn Roy (right in white) is seeking .2 million in lost future wages for her son.The lawsuit was filed against Carter last month in Norfolk Superior Court on behalf of her son's estate.Carters' negligence and reckless conduct caused Roy to sustain 'severe personal injuries, great conscious pain and suffering of body and mind and ultimately death,' the suit alleges.

The judge called the case, which has garnered international attention, 'a tragedy for two families.' 'The fact that [Carter is] still at that young age offers a greater promise of rehabilitation,' Moniz said prior to issuing the sentence Thursday.'I have not found that her age or level of maturity or even her mental illness, have any significant impact on her actions. 'And I am satisfied that she was mindful of the actions she delivered.'Assistant District Attorney Maryclare Flynn said: 'Michelle Carter - her actions - killed Conrad Roy. She has been convicted of a very serious crime that merits serious punishment.' Family members of the victim provided heartbreaking statements that shared how much Roy is missed and called for Carter (above) to be sentenced to the maximum prison time.'He had such a bright future and Michelle Carter exploited my son's weaknesses.'She used him as a pawn and she has not shown any remorse. She is bright young lady, did well In school''I will never be an aunt to Conrad's children, he was my best friend,' his sister, Camden, told the judge while on the stand.Carter was tried as a youthful offender, so the judge had several options for sentencing and could have committed her to a Department of Youth Services facility until she turns 21 on August 11.However, the judge granted a defense motion that would keep Carter out of jail until her appeals in Massachusetts courts are exhausted.Carter was convicted in June on a charge of involuntary manslaughter by Moniz who said her final instruction to Conrad Roy caused his death.