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The "German Creoles" of Louisiana are descendants of these early colonists.During the war of the Revolution, thirty thousand German soldiers fought under the British flag.Between 17 the German immigration to Pennsylvania became so large as to be looked upon by the other settlers with serious misgivings; Logan, Penn's secretary, suggested the danger of the province becoming a German colony, as the Germans "settled together, and formed a distinct people from His Majesty's subjects".As early as 1739, a German newspaper was published at Germantown, and another appeared at Philadelphia in 1743.Community Focus is national organization that connects people to their local community with local advertising through social media and direct marketing.We provide a one-stop-shop giving our customers a place to find information on your company.Germans, either by birth or descent, form a very important element in the population of the United States .Their number is estimated at not less than twelve millions.

The first German settlement in South Carolina was in 1731, at Purysburg on the Savannah.Their number was little increased during the next sixty years, since the great immigration period did not begin until about the year 1840.Among those who came to the United States before 1830 was Franz Lieber, accompanied by his two friends, Professors Carl Beck and Carl Follen.Under the name Germans we here understand to be included all German-speaking people, whether originally from Germany proper, Austria, Switzerland, or Luxemburg.The landing, in the autumn of 1683, of Franz Daniel Pastorius and his little band of Mennonite weavers, from Crefeld, marks the beginning of German-American history.