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Running from the 5400 block to the 6000 block of Ocean Boulevard “The Cabana District” is a nice, flat stretch of road with several beach access spots, fitness stations, and a park/playground known as Gardens By The Sea.The history of small privately owned buildings that give the area its name is a bit of a mystery, with some locals claiming they were part of the Ocean Forest Resort — which stood in the area from 1930-1974 — and others saying they originally belonged to homes that were knocked down long ago in favor of hotels and condos.Nicknamed “The Golden Mile” this prestigious area runs from 31st Avenue North to 52nd Avenue North.Since it is mostly free from the high-rise hotels, this can be a nice area to find less crowded stretches of beach by parking at one of the several public beach accesses here.“You know they call Myrtle Beach the Redneck Riviera.I’ve always thought that was one of the greatest phrases ever. So I trademarked the phrase and created a whole lifestyle line,” he said recently in an interview. 17 Bypass and Farrow Parkway near The Market Common) and The Forest (a.k.a. Example: “Let’s hit the Boulevard and grab a bite to eat and then go cruisin’ for chicks!This Southern specialty also known as “goober peas” originates from 19th century African slaves and consists of slightly-raw or semi-mature peanuts that have been boiled in salt water to soften them into something resembling a pea or bean. Using cornmeal as the base for its batter instead of flour, the style was invented by a pair of families — the Becks and the Colemans — who ran “fish camps” in the area in the 1930s and later opened restaurants in the 1940s.After boiling, the peanuts take on a strong salty taste and occasionally include flavorings such as ham hocks, hot sauce, Old Bay seasoning or beer. Mark Sanford signed a bill making boiled peanuts the official snack of South Carolina. Over the decades this style has expanded beyond the borders of Calabash (now known as “The Seafood Capital of The World”) and is served in restaurants and buffets across the Grand Strand. ” A Southern staple of the highest order, sweet tea is the only acceptable form of Iced Tea that should be consumed while visiting the Myrtle Beach area. That’s disgusting.” A traditional South Carolinian food, specific to Horry County and its surrounding areas, Chicken Bog consists of rice, smoked sausage, chicken and spices.

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For those who want to sound like a true local, the word is pronounced “Oh-REE”, but more often than not, folks say “Or-ree” — like former NBA star Robert Horry.Other popular eateries here include Chuck’s Steak House, Bimini’s Oyster Bar, Rossi’s Italian, La Festa, Thoroughbred’s and several others. Around here it’s often called the “Inter-coastal” or simply “The Waterway.” It empties into the Atlantic Ocean on the northern end at Little River and on the southern end of the Grand Strand into the Winyah Bay near Georgetown.In addition to being a setting for some of the backdrop luxurious homes and golf courses our area has to offer, The Waterway also offers tons of natural beauty and serves as a playground for watersports enthusiasts.Example: “That guy was wearing flip-flops and socks with a Confederate Flag tank top. Only on the Redneck Riviera.”Enjoy winter monthly rates starting at just 5 per month! The most famous road in the Myrtle Beach is Ocean Boulevard or simply “The Boulevard,” a place known as a hub of tourist activity, a great place to cruise for a taste of everything Myrtle Beach has to offer and a great place to get stuck in traffic. ” Situated in a sort of “no man’s land” between Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach is a strip of U. 17 known for traditionally having one of the highest density of restaurants along the Grand Strand.Spend your winter at the beach and enjoy morning sunrises, beach relaxation, mild weather and more. It’s one of many famous “the” locales around town including The Bypass (aka U. This northernmost part of Myrtle Beach is known as “Restaurant Row.” Here you’ll find a buffet of enormous 120-item seafood buffets including The Original Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood, Giant Crab Seafood, New China Buffett and Bennett's Calabash Seafood. Restaurant Row hungry.” Known to most as The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, this is a 3,000-mile inland waterway that runs parallel to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and to the Gulf of Mexico.