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08 Nov

Read On Added: | Category: Hardcore | Avg Score: 0 | Words: 3,065 | Tags: lesbian domination submission double penetration watersports pissing threesome Multifamily vacation turns sexual “This vacation is gonna be epic,” Brian said as he threw his bag in the storage compartment of the RV.“The Meyers and Hunts finally joining forces to take on vacation.” “Oh yeah, we’re gonna have a great time,” I replied. I don’t think she's all that excited to spend so much time in an RV.” Brian and I have been best friends since...We try hard to maintain the freshness we've kept over the years.

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Fucking the librarian with a broom until we get interrupted by the cleaning lady I'm not a terribly big reader, but I do enjoy a good book now and then.

She had come to expect April’s ill-timed, albeit well-meaning, advice. Read On Added: | Category: Hardcore | Avg Score: 4.9 | Words: 3,004 | Tags: oral sex anal play g-spin subterfuge | 33 Comments The way he moved his hands along the outline of the curve of my body made me moan with pleasure. Read On Added: | Category: Hardcore | Avg Score: 4.14 | Words: 839 | Tags: kidnapper woman basement rough sex anal chains | 3 Comments A Master finds a new slut who has cum many times to his previous stories, and wants to submit.

My name is Kat, and I was in my mid-thirties working at a boring office job in North London. August 2017: I was feeling excited, horny, and a little apprehensive, as I had just hit send on another email to a 'new slut' who had contacted me recently about my stories and experiences, and how they had affected her.

Read On Added: | Category: Hardcore | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,487 | Tags: taboo bisexual swinging nudist old/young cum swap anal | 3 Comments Mitch was gone.

He was off to his business lunch and then flying back to Texas to his wife and children. And I don't think it was even him that I was missing.