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30 Jan

This could lead to the compromise of other accounts such as online banking or emails if a shared password was used. Louis, Missouri, identified in court papers as 'Jane Doe,' filed a federal lawsuit against Avid Life just days after the breach became public, saying that she had paid the website a fee to permanently delete her information.

One web developer who helped publish the data after it was released said: 'To Ashley Madison's development team: You should be embarrassed for your train wreck of a database (and obviously security), not sanitising your phone numbers to your database is completely amateur, it's as if the entire site was made by students.''They were angry and taking things out on their family.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of those most popular options chosen by users is number 45, which requests 'lots of stamina'.

There is also much demand for 'blindfolding', while more confident users hoping to live out their Christian Grey fantasies can opt for number 50: 'Someone I can teach'.

She insists it is an out-of-use address that must have been registered in a smear campaign.

And they aren't the only ones finding humor in the scandal.

The revelation came hours after users of the infidelity site were sent scrambling to control the damage - and save their marriages - after hackers exposed personal data from the controversial seduction forum used by 37 million worldwide.

Researchers have verified that some of the credit cards are not only valid but still in daily use.'Although the password for the accounts were stored in a way which makes wholesale decryption unlikely, it is entirely possible that a targeted attack on an individual account could crack the password.The embattled entrepreneur initially told a series of lies when confronted with the fact that he was a paying subscriber.Taekman claimed he didn't 'understand,' that there was 'not a shot in hell' that he was on the site, that any suggestion that he was a member was 'f***ing bananas,' and that somebody must have used his card 'fraudulently.' Still in place: Kristen Taekman was still wearing her wedding band and engagement ring yesterday despite the disclosures about her husband being both a cheat and a liar - having used Ashley Madison and lied about it But hours after Daily Mail Online revealed his membership he semi-backtracked and issued a statement admitting to being a member but going nowhere near admitting the full extent of his use of the infidelity service.For those who are care about the personality of their sexual partner, there are those who can opt for 'hopeless and romantic,' while others can select 'relaxed and easygoing' and 'creative and adventurous'.Josh Taekman's membership of the adultery website was first exposed by Daily Mail Online.