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03 May

A transcript of a vast scholarly work briefly chronicling the heritage, education and careers of over 150,000 Cambridge University students.

This is a particularly useful source for tracing the ancestry of the landed gentry.

The 1891 census provides details on an individual's age, residence, place of birth, relations and occupation.

Searchable index and original images of over 12.5 million probates and administrations granted by civil registries.

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Transcriptions of apprenticeship indentures issued by the Town of Southampton. It is a useful starting point for locating relevant estate records and establishing the succession of tenancies and freehold. Most records cover 1798, but some extend up to 1811. A name index connected to digital images of registers recording millions of children educated in schools operated by the National Society for Promoting Religious Education. Records contain a variety of information including genealogical details, education history, illnesses, exam result, fathers occupation and more.