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14 Jan

But he was also deeply depressed that the multiplatinum band — which he and Lee had formed in high school, and in which he had invested almost a decade of his life — couldn't overcome its personal differences (see "Evanescence Co-Founder Ben Moody Leaves Band During Tour").

There was also the drug habit he had picked up to numb himself to the inevitability of Evanescence's demise.

I played her 'Everything Burns' and she was just like, 'You're going to do a record, and that's that!

' I didn't want to argue with her." "Everything Burns" is the first single from the new "Fantastic Four" soundtrack, and features dance-pop singer Anastacia in the Amy Lee role of Moody's familiar boy/girl hard-rock schema.

Ben's talent as a musician and producer was recognized early on.

He turned down an offer to join Living Sacrifice to complete work on Origin and set up Sound Asleep Studios , before a Berlin concert, after creative differences caused a rift between he and Amy.

Wrote many of the most popular Evanescence songs including My Immortal.

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The two became friends, and the rest is rock music history."I didn't know what Ben Moody as a solo artist sounded like," Moody said."I didn't even know there was gonna be [a solo record] until Avril Lavigne told me I had no choice.It's going to sound like I'm bitching about other people, but I'm not — it's 100 percent focused on myself." On paper, the single "Chasing Yesterday" sounds like it could be another struggle with the Evanescence implosion, but the song has darker implications."It could be about any relationship gone bad that permanently haunts you and you're always trying to chase. was about my love affair with many, many narcotics.