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10 Nov

makes a bunch of kids playing a non-mystic card game truly exciting.The characters even suffer injuries from battling it out!There was also some concern over the episode that dealt with people of other races living in Japan, though overall it can be interesting to watch to see how some Japanese people might perceive other races and how the Japanese characters in question confront the wrongness of some of the stereotypes they have.There’s also the occasional gender essentialist comment.Chihaya isn’t treated as a prize to be won, and she’s mostly oblivious to it since she’s so focused on karuta.Chihaya gives her chubby friend the nickname “pork bun” (he eats them often), which is pretty insensitive since he doesn’t like it.The story follows the adventures of Michiko Malandro and Hana Morenos.

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Michiko might also be one of the most hardcore and unstoppable characters ever seen on television, especially when it comes to protecting Hana.

There is a part where she’s hit with multiple tranquilizer darts and keeps going.