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16 Feb

Knowing that this could be my one and only chance to work for the company I had dreamt of working for since I can remember, didn’t help with the nerves even though I had been in front of the camera as a host of Teen Republic on NTV for around 2 and a half years.There is something majestic about the huge 98.4 Capital FM sign at our reception, it has this “you have arrived” kind of presence. Because how they see it, passion does not pay the bills, dreams do not put food on the table and neither guarantees you success.Cheery radio presenter Adelle Onyango today put Anita Nderu on the hot seat with a few personal and ratchet questions, and the lass was not shy to answer them.Some of these questions included: how old she is, color of underwear she had on, if she is single or taken, her favorite song at the moment and most importantly, who she would marry, date or chipo between Bien of Sauti Sol, actor Nick Mutuma and Brian Chweya of Elani.Also Read: Anita Nderu Silences Naysayers Who Allege her Flashy Lifestyle is Funded by a Sponsor And Anita broke her admirer’s hearts with a cute message gushing about how amazing her DJ boyfriend is.Since the launch of Madaraka Express, Kenyans have continued to demand for a phone based or an online train tickets booking Website, where they can pay for tickets and choose a seat number from the comfort of their homes.As I waited at the reception with many other women going through our scripts I was intimidated by how well they seemed to know some of the staff or about how news anchoring works and many a time I questioned if I was worthy for this role. I went with my passion for radio and my dream to one day be a part of Capital FM.

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I remember the deep desire I had to be given a chance by someone, anyone!

Anita Nderu is one of the biggest radio personalities in Kenya, who rose to fame with her TV show, Teen Republik on NTV, which she used to host with Anto Neosoul.

The beauty has a lovely voice and her cheerful, charismatic yet energetic aura keeps her at the top of her game.

When I got a call from Capital FM saying HR wanted to meet me, I called all my family members and asked them to pray for me, but even if I ended up not getting the job, the best mix of music thought I was good enough and to be honest that was good enough for me! I would just cry in the bathroom, compose myself then get back to work.

#Braggingrights I ended up getting the job, and then came the tough decision of leaving one job that I wished for all my life to do another that I felt the same way about. It didn’t help that during all this there was always a new face coming to studio to audition for the same role I play.