Archaelogical dating

16 Jul

*** Modern archaeological work tends to be confused and inaccurate in its conclusions."A systematic misinterpretation of Near Eastern dating has played a key roll in the present archaeological problem." "Discoveries are applied to incorrect time periods."* [note: The Bible is what is correct.By various means (geneaologies, natural events, deaths, reigns, etc.), it reveals ancient things, e.g., events and people.This divine revelation traces history back to the very beginning of time--the creation of heaven and earth (see the book of Genesis).in the scriptures) and events that are needed for proper historical analysis of ancient times.Archaeological facts do indeed fit Scripture when the right dating is used; the problem is the insidious way in which the humanists have taken over Near Eastern archaeological work, and have carefully altered the dating system so events in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia will not fit the Old Testament account. *** Incorrect archaeological dating has caused inaccuracies and confusion in archaeological work.

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There is a real need for this information to be widely circulated . We have also added pertinent information from other sources. The incorrect archaeological dating schemes have caused major problems in archaeology.

*** Why is Egypt so important in archaeological dating?

*** It is believed that the earliest dates in history are found in Egypt.

[Investigation into the travesty of modern day archaeological dating brings one face-to-face with avowed enemies to the Bible and their subterfuge, prevarication, and lying.

The wicked continue to march boldly forward, teaching children lies right in front of the faces of their ignorant parents. I thought that I just wasn't that smart and that was why I could not understand and achieve academically, I did not know that I was being fed false, confusing information.