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29 Mar

Architecture, in turn, is reconstructed through visual and textual narratives produced by scores of modern travellers — including writers and artists along with architects themselves.

Yet the ritual of exploratory travel and the ensuing informal training based on direct engagement with places, artifacts, and objects were readily embraced by architects, including none other than John Soane, arguably the most celebrated British architect at the turn of the 19th century.

Tutorial and survey papers are intended for workers and students in the fields associated with and employing advanced computer systems.

The journal also publishes letters to the editor, especially in areas relating to policy, succinct statements of paradoxes, intuitively puzzling results, partial results and real needs.

Increasingly built on a presumption of mobility, architectural culture integrates travel into cultural debates and design experiments.

By addressing such issues from a variety of perspectives, this collection, a special This special collection explores how travel, as a collective and individual practice, has been implicated in diverse architectural cultures across a wide range of periods and geographies.