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Other inland alternate routes include the Olympic Highway route (A41) between Albury and Sydney via Cowra and Bathurst, and also the Federal Highway / Monaro Highway route (M23/A23/B23) via Canberra which links with the Hume Highway near Goulburn and the Princes Highway in East Gippsland.

In New South Wales during 2013, the National Highway shield, National Highway 31, was replaced with a standard alphanumeric route number, the M31 south of Prestons (along with the A22 east of Liverpool into the Sydney CBD and the A28 for a short length through Liverpool).

Avenel is a lightly used New Jersey Transit commuter rail station located in the Avenel section of Woodbridge, New Jersey.

On weekdays, it sees 7 northbound and 14 southbound trains stop. It is located on the North Jersey Coast Line between Rahway and Woodbridge stations.

The station is one of three located in Woodbridge, with the Woodbridge station joining it on the North Jersey Coast Line and Metropark Station serving the Iselin section of Woodbridge on the Northeast Corridor Line.

The station has two short three-car high-level side platforms on two tracks with tactile warning strips and lampposts.

The station's only Ticket Vending Machine, installed in May 2011, is located in a bus shelter along the end of the street beneath the Newark-bound platform.

Ramps were installed instead to each platform at their southern ends.

Any settlement would have to await the construction of an adequate access track, which would have been beyond the colony's resources at the time, and would have served little purpose as a source of supplies for Sydney, due to the time taken to reach Sydney.

In 1804, Charles Throsby penetrated through the Bargo brush to the country on the tablelands near Moss Vale and Sutton Forest.

At the top of the stairs, each platform has a double long bus shelter with a white domed roof and bench.

The platforms have an additional entrance/exit at their southern ends.