Avoid dating losers

04 Dec

Brateman suggests by ignoring the breadcrumber and not giving the attention he or she has come to expect from you, you're allowing a way for the breadcrumber to move on and find someone else.

Also, it'll feel great to have the breadcrumber vying for YOUR attention for a change.

Not a woman who will go “Oh honey, mommy is so sorry your sick, but I’m still going to take you to your grandmother’s because “so-and-so” will be upset with me for ‘standing him/her up’.” If you’re so arrogant as to think that you should be more important than any child, then you really have no business dating a mother.

Find a woman who is sterile, done with her childbearing, or doesn’t want kids.

Don’t put mothers down because you are that much of a narcissist. Take it easy here, you need to grow up and quit with the immature insults.

There are two ways to fight the breadcrumbing once you've recognized the common signs. You're effectively removing the attention the breadcrumber needs to thrive, and are therefore affecting his or her self-esteem.

The second way to fight a breadcrumber is by simply ignoring him or her. Lisa Brateman, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship specialist in NYC, says, When you begin to suspect that this is happening, pivot your mindset.