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31 Aug

Murilo Benício Ribeiro (born 13 July 1971) is a Brazilian actor.He is one of Brazil's most renowned actors, mostly having lead roles in several works.

The rattling taps of rain on our roof has now given way to the plastic clicking of this keyboard and various other mechanical monsters. I also sometimes fall into that trap of looking at today through the telescope of an idealized yesterday; that outlook is a slick valley that is difficult to climb out of and easy to slide back into.

In a video posted on Youtube this month, Youtube user Mike Zero shared his alleged discovery of Del Toro's casting as Sir Vicrum Fett.

According to Mike Zeroh, Wikiwand's page for Del Toro included the listing for his role in "The Last Jedi" and his character was named as "Sir Vicrum Fett." However, the name was changed later on to "TBA."However, there is no official confirmation of the rumors by either Lucasfilm or Del Torro.

I think that’s what’s so compelling about this.” Arquette called a “fascinating and dark American love story rooted in real and self-deceptive incarceration.” In 2008, Richard Matt received a 25-years-to-life sentence at Clinton Correctional Facility without possibility of parole for the 1997 murder and dismemberment of his boss, William Rickerson. In prison, he met Sweat, who was sentenced to life without parole in 2003 for the murder of a sheriff’s deputy.

After that killing, Matt fled to Mexico, where he killed a man outside a bar and served nine years in jail before being extradited to the U. In June 2015, abetted by Mitchell and corrections officer Gene Palmer, the pair became the first escapees in the 170-year history of Clinton Correctional, the state of New York’s third-oldest prison and largest maximum security facility.