Black adult chats

08 Jan

The genre of the series is an adult animated sci-fi sitcom, as well as a parody of The Kickstarter campaign for Barry & Joe: The Animated Series has a goal of 0,000.00 and is currently a fourth of the way there.

This project comes at a time where most of us want to remember the days when we had real leadership in this country and an administration that stood for ALL Americans.

We never see his face in the series, that’s a promise I’m going to keep.

Jamie: This is a time-travel story, and for people of color these stories aren’t always and fun and as adventurous, as it is for white people. I’m white and I’m Jewish and I have no business pretending I understand what it’s like to be Black, or a woman, or any minority in America for that matter.

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I want Neil to play himself because he would bring honesty and knowledge to the show.

But then the reality of Trump happened, he was sworn into office and he says what he says and does what he does and we can all see that this an actual nightmare and not some overblown reaction. Barry & Joe: The Animated Series was always a cartoon for adults in my mind.

So finally after consuming all the dark matter this year, I broke. The swagger, tone, color, and style all lend themselves to a traditional Saturday Morning Cartoon approach that feels like an old friend.

Jumping forward about 30 years, daydreaming this idea for a show about continuing the Obama / Biden bromance by having Neil de Grasse Tyson send them back in time simply made me insanely happy. I let some time go by, almost six months before I did anything about it.

I was holding myself back from developing this concept for real out of fear that it was too weird and f*cked up to be a thing.