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07 Aug

It also lets you search for images taken in a certain place, or view all of the photos you took at a particular location.All of this can be done within the native Photos app.With geotagging enabled, your i Phone’s photo library will gradually turn into an exciting database of places you’ve visited.And if you ever need to find all of the photos that you took in a certain place, it only takes seconds!

Check out this tutorial where you’ll discover 10 i Phone photography tips to quickly improve your photos – including powerful composition techniques, shooting silhouettes and reflections, and editing your photos with VSCO filters.Either of these buttons can be used for shutter release, and the tactile feedback you get from pressing a real button is definitely much more satisfying than pressing a digital button.Additionally, this allows you to hold the i Phone in two hands, exactly as you’d hold a traditional digital camera.Are you making full use of your i Phone camera when you take photos?While the camera app is easy to use, some i Phone camera settings are so well hidden that you may not know how to use them.