Candice accola dating the fray

07 Oct

I'm not really comfortable talking about it, but I'm a lot more comfortable singing about it.

Commenting on his working with Allen, King said that there was "a good vibe in the studio".Candice, The Vampire Diaries'deki rol arkadaşları Ian Somerhalder ve Katerina Graham ile beraber It Gets Better Project'in destekçilerinden biridir.Bu proje, LGBT gençler arasında yaşanan intihar olaylarını engellemek amacıyla kurulmuştur ve The Trevory Project ile bağlantılıdır.Apart from guitar, the second album also saw King singing a lot more: he supplied lead vocals on the song "Ungodly Hour" and on the bonus track "Uncertainty", and backing vocals on "Syndicate" and "Absolute".While the Fray has been lyrically spearheaded by Slade, King co-writes almost all of the songs.