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19 Aug

BINA48 has a torso, a head and eyes that focus on her interlocutor (sometimes) as well as voice processing software, but is still inseparable from her hardware.

I’m interested in the computer as metaphor for an organism, not as a mere calculator.” A key aspect of Cheng’s work is that it plays with the notion of a time-based medium: the artwork cannot be reduced to a single object or sequence of events, in order for it to function, it must remain live, iterative and evolving, with an inbuilt promise of its own demise. Rothblatt spent over 100 hours compiling her memories, feelings, and beliefs into the robot.The bot contains “poetic and comic reflections” on Holdhus’ own practice. “The encrypted responses come from my interest in cryptography and is continuing to develop as I dig deeper into it.“I see it as having its own identity more than its own life. The work that was decoded opened up for an expanded meaning of my practice.The philosopher Nick Bostrom warns that unless we take preventive action, machines will favour machine interests over human interests, and the result of this, physicist Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk (aka Tesla) warn, is that computers will obliterate their human hosts. As an artist, it’s about making the emotional and human labour underneath the algorithms visible.” From snarky and sad chatbots, to humanoid robots and bots roaming the Darknet on a mission to buy MDMA and fake Nike trainers (! Stephanie Dinkins, Associate Professor at Stony Brook University and Digital Arts Co-Program Director, who is currently undertaking a project with BINA48, the “world’s most advanced humanoid robot”, told Sleek: “There is so little separation between ‘me’ and ‘my technology’. Yet it is precisely this anthropomorphic jump – the ‘human’ aspect of the machine – that fascinates most artists working with this technology.Currently, the balance is tipped in favour of humans, and most artificial intelligence (AI) is rather pedestrian compared to the intelligent, charming and lethal robots of popular culture. Mediengruppe Bitnik), to reviewing art (Tumblr’s Novice Art Blogger), the use of A. We need to have an association with and relationship to technology. In 2002, American artist Lynn Hershman Leeson created a chatbot named Agent Ruby, an extension to her film “Teknolust”, and it still inhabits MOMA San Francisco’s servers at agentruby.