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02 Mar

“The thinking from some of these people was, ‘You are a frat, therefore you must be a misogynist,’ but there were never any real accusations made against us.There was just no substance behind it.”As Behringer notes, there is no public record of any woman accusing any member of the FIJI fraternity with rape or sexual misconduct before or during Gorsuch’s time on campus.In a statement released Thursday, the school district said Suttner never reported being bullied at school and evidence presented at the inquest was hearsay.Epistolae is a collection of letters to and from women dating from the 4th to the 13th century AD.

A spokesperson for Columbia said the university had “no information” to provide and Phi Gamma Delta’s national office did not return phone calls from The Daily Beast.Gorsuch’s own fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta—known more commonly as FIJI—welcomed him as a freshman in the spring of 1986 and he remained an active member until his early graduation in 1988.According to school newspaper reports and interviews with former Columbia students, FIJI’s reputation was unrivaled among Columbia’s 12 other fraternities at the time—defined by accusations of hard-partying, racism, sexism, and date rape.(The first known police-reported instance of a sexual-assault allegation at a Columbia FIJI event came in 1998—the same year FIJI was suspended for “behavior that was not consistent with the standards of the Greek community.”)“There certainly were some members who were rowdier than others, but Neil wasn’t part of that.He graduated in three years and spent his time focused on his studies and writing,” Behringer says.