Dating barton upon humber

01 Aug

The writer looks back to his youth in the 1930s when, bit by bit, he came to understand the new technology of the telephone: the mystery of wires and insulators, and the essential role of the linesmen who scaled telegraph poles in all weathers.An account of the chequered career of a gifted scholar (born 1852) who trained to be an RC priest, later read history at Oxford and then embarked on an ill-fated literary career.An explanation of how the civil war battle between the factions supporting Henry III and Louis of France came to be known as the Battle of Lincoln Fair and, given the nature of fairs and tournaments, why it is perhaps better simply called the Battle of Lincoln 1217.Joseph Gilbert, originally from the Kirton-in-Holland, sailed twice with the renowned Captain James Cook.50p each (£1.50 by post UK; second and subsequent copies post free).Copies of both current and back issues are available from The Postal Sales Manager, SLHA, Jews Court, Steep Hill, Lincoln, LN1 2LS (01522 521337) or by using the Order Form The Society's magazine has been published four times a year since 1990.This relatively overlooked seaman attained the rank of master in the navy and was involved in survey work along the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador with Cook.

He was involved in further significant legal disputes - described here in some detail - until his early death at the age of 35.

Hunting and other sports were their principal occupations.

A specially printed record book in St Nicholas's church at Fulbeck contains details of the First World War service of all the men of the parish.

Nathaniel Clayton, the hugely successful Lincoln industrialist, only had daughters, but two of these produced sons.

Robert Clayton Swan and Nathaniel Cockburn inherited considerable wealth from their grandfather; they were well educated but, as this detailed sudy shows, they achieved very little.