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03 May

Like a shadow, seat and backrest follow every body movement in absolute harmony.The body is perfectly supported at all times, without being controlled by the technology.I knew the dealer who the chair originally belonged to, and the client who later bought it from him in 1999. SS: Polishing with traditional antique furniture wax polish keeps them in good condition by feeding the wood and helping to prevent it drying out.I had the pleasure of sitting in the chair myself and it was every bit as comfortable to sit in, as it was to touch, and it was the most magnificent handsome chair to stand back and to look at. LTK: Are there differences in antique European and American Windsors?SS: Although the basic construction and build are the same, there are some notable differences. So the "splat back" style with the decorative central splat was rarely made.

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There are some wonderful chairs with elaborate Gothic designs, dating circa 1760 - 1780, but a fine example would easily cost £15,000 - 25,000 (,625 - 36,042) or more.

Windsor chairs were first made in the 18th century, but examples made before 1790 are rare.

Windsor chair making increased during the 19th century, particularly with the increasing levels of mechanization which took place during the Victorian era.

This exceptional office chair is the product of the close collaboration between scientists, engineers and designers with the aim of developing a novel seating system which moves in perfect synchronicity with the human body.

This aim was achieved using the patented “Similar-Plus” mechanism and an innovative backrest design.