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13 Jun

90% of these dog owners admitted that they take more pictures of their pet than of their partners.Some 72% said that they take pictures of their dog weekly, and nearly a third of them (31%) said that they take pictures of their pet virtually every day.

It suggests that dog owners prefer looking at their pets rather than at their partners, at least when it comes to screensavers and profile pictures.

I had a lot to consider: 1) Mewment If we substituted “mewment” for every “moment” out there, the world would be a much squeakier place. Someone with cat-titude might try to act unimpressed with your attempts to pamper them.

Take Kelly Clarkson’s classic coronation song, “A Moment Like This,” for example: 2) Cat-titude Cat-titude is not just “attitude” with “cat” spliced in. They may swat at you whenever you try to hand them things, scratch the door whenever they want to go outside, or suddenly sit on your laptop while you’re using it, without explanation.

However the dog owners also admit that the majority of these pictures are not an attempt to create a beautiful portrait of their pet, but rather to capture special moments or to catch the dog doing something funny — something which they can share with friends and family.

In fact 15% of pet owners specifically try to catch their pet doing something naughty in their photos.