Dating remued pottery

01 Feb

It's rare enough for one Mahood to appear at auction but nine at once is almost unheard of.

According to one source, only 50 pieces or so have been sold in the past 30 years.

Currie is also a collector of Remued pottery and has some impressive pieces by Grace Seccombe and John Castle Harris but this one comes close to being his favourite.

What generated this conversation was the news that Andrew Shapiro Art and Design in Sydney had managed to locate nine works by Mahood, to be sold at auction on Sunday July 22.

Even those Edna Everage wall-mounted vases have taken off. Campbell (he's in the blockbuster list), they're worth up to 0 each.

Some advice for collectors from that beginner's guide: "Pottery loses much of its value if it has imperfections of a serious nature or even a slight chip or crack.

Ted Impey’s stunning monograph Artware to Utility, the story of Modern Ceramic Products (MCP) and Mingay is certainly one of those hidden treasures.Marguerite Mahood had been a professional painter before she turned to ceramics in 1931.She worked as a studio potter until 1956, then went on to do a doctorate in political caricatures and write a book, The Loaded Line, on the early history of this artform.Their list of "blockbusters" include works by Lithgow (Queensland), Mac Diarmid, William Ricketts, Hatton Beck, Castle Harris, the Harvey School, Daisy Merton and John Campbell, as well as the aforementioned Seccombe and, of course, Mahood (if you can find any).Georgie and John Innes now place Remued in the second most-desirable category, perhaps suggesting that the wave of hysteria has passed.