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10 Nov

I was sent this book and I didn't know what to expect.It was written in installments over the last year, and now it's compiled into one work.I've always been a sucker for cross-dressing ladies a-la Shakespeare, and this one really does a bang up fun job of having a protagonist who dresses as her "brother" in order to be a detective.There's intrigue and a cool steampunk alt-world to dive into, and really interesting characters.It's a really interesting cyberpunk-ish novella involving governmental surveillance, paranoia, and a bizarrely engaging set of characters. It also has my favorite line from any book this year, it made me laugh out loud: ""Dickson appeared from nowhere, like the world's shittiest elf..."This was a really fun read in the vein of Joe Abercrombie, or Richard Morgan.A great set of characters and interesting world building follows the journey of a legendary general who tried to "get out" and gets pulled back in.I blurbed this book and wanted to share the blurb I wrote with everyone:"A thrilling action adventure with brilliant literary homages to Bram Stoker's original. "This is a fantastic historical novel that a friend wrote and thank goodness it's getting out to an audience!

Love the setting, really interesting lady protagonist, definitely recommend especially if you've been to Spain!There's romance, but it's not a romance book persay.If the unique setting attracts you, give it a look! I love love love it and frankly, there's no better book to read on the toilet.Off the toilet too, but I learned so much and the writing is so engaging and entertaining and just MARVELOUS.Of course in the style of xkcd, this and Atlas Obscura would be my go-to book gifts this year.