Dating young people

20 Sep

The first step is making sure both partners are on the same page about the relationship, and understand each other’s expectations.Disagreements are a natural part of any relationship, but compromising and resolving conflicts in a fair and rational way will help you both listen to each other and agree on something that satisfies to share everything, including who they were hanging out with or where they’ve been.These kinds of behaviors are considered unhealthy, because they are about one partner exerting power and control over another to get what they want.

Neither side should resort to yelling, calling each other names, using the silent treatment, making demands or threats, or manipulating one into what the other wants.

Your partner’s feelings, emotions, desires, and wants have value.

The bottom line is, mutual respect is imperative in maintaining a healthy relationship with anyone.

It’s actually more trusting to set boundaries and agree to them than it is to stipulate or impose restrictions on the relationship, because boundaries express what makes both partners feel comfortable.

Being in a relationship means showing your partner respect.