Datingindisguise com

24 Mar

The "Nerd Girls AGo Go Guru" has created a Bad Online Dates (BOD) i Phone App, a "virtual bad date wingman" that lets frustrated daters share their stories with a supportive community in real time."The BOD i Phone App allows users to post their bad date experiences while immersed in the dating trenches," she says.

"As the BOD tagline goes, you're not alone."With more than 30 years dating experience, Jennifer's goal is to help people connect with others for advice or comic relief in the world of online dating.

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2013 was the year when the world underlined just how important looks are to dating.* Is there such a thing as being 'too old' to rent?* Your flatting resolution maker: How to learn to cook Then there is the housemate(s) who remain seated when you enter and languidly mumble "your room's over there".Many of us do, and we are just as likely to meet with danger as the unfortunates who become the cautionary tales of dating-app encounters.Stranger danger does apply, so bring along a second person, with the added benefit of an impartial opinion to cut through any decisions made in haste – or desperation.