08 Apr

I'm sensual, energetic, positive, responsible and creative woman.

I know that my real destination and happiness lie in a family hearth and reciprocal care. Én is hagytam már el valakit, engem is hagytak már el. Az a jó abban, ha nagyon a "mélyben" vagyok, hogy onnan már csak "felfelé" vezet az út. de remélem, aki idáig eljutott, már nem is fog zavarni a kiváló ötleteivel, hogy hogyan változak meg.My friends say that I have innate kindness and politeness with strong inner abilities. I wish to give my man by blessings of true love and mutual understanding, tenderness and mutual admiration.Besides, I am very curious so I always try to know something new.Discover Friendlier Foreign Women, Authentic People and Saner Cultures, Lower Cost Living, Healthier Food, Greater Freedoms and More! BTW, yesterday I signed up with Latin American and Afro and have already received several emails from some reasonably attractive Brazilian and Kenyan women.Skip to content So now that I am plunging ahead with this International dating thing, which sites are best as far as being legit vs. This is certainly a very different experience from what I get with American dating websites.