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04 Jun

In other words, you can obviously lean on your partner, but make sure you're building them up more often than you're bringing them down with your stress. Sulack explains that it's important that you try your best to serve as a pillar of support for them. Well, it really comes down to being a positive influence.Help them out with problems whenever you have a chance, and try to positively affirm them as much as you can. Sulack specifically highlighted the importance of positive affirmation, as it is "proven to help the body cope with stress more effectively." Go ahead and your partner how wonderful they are; it'll work wonders.That being said, your partner can and should be a supportive person who is going to allow you to make mistakes.

Don't feign an obsession with veganism if you adore BBQ. It's all too easy to justify a guy's flaws and overlook red flags that are too big to ignore. But don't rationalize all of his behavior just because you him to be The One.3. It can be hard to get our naturally florid imaginations under control when we meet someone dreamy. But avoid mentally planning your wedding during your second date. As hellish as it feels when you're in the thick of stressful times, Dr.Sulack wants us to know that a little bit of stress can actually be a good thing for your relationship.