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07 Aug

In terms of page Title, H1 heading, or generally including all the keywords your users will focus on is a great practice.Keyword density is a major factor, which means that importance of focus keywords should not be diluted by over-usage, that reduces the search relevance of your page.This is what your Title Tag and Meta Description may look like in Google search results page (SERP).However, search engines may create their own titles and descriptions, if not explicitly provided.However, make sure the designer adds the tag on all page as the Doc Type is responsible for similar representation of your webpage on all browser.

Therefore, it is a must to incorporate language tag and you must make sure you that Google detects your webpage language the same as specified by you.

that you have a favicon, helps identify your website in bookmarks, tabs but has no impact on SEO.

Related keywords should be used in URL of the page, and instead of underscore hyphens should be used to separate them.

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