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18 Jul

Testimony in a monthlong murder trial wrapped up Tuesday with the prosecutor asking jurors for justice for the victims, and attorneys for the three defendants arguing their clients were not guilty of either murder and the attempted murder.

The fates of Samuel David Navarro, 34; his brother Joseph Navarro, 22; and Eric Geovanni Garcia, 22, now lie in the hands of a nine-man, three-woman jury deliberating at Southwest Justice Center in French Valley.

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Prosecutor Dan De Limon had argued the fight was a planned attack and arose from tensions from another fight between Miguel Salas, who was dating Daisy Arceo, and Eric Garcia, Samuel Navarro's brother-in-law, two weeks earlier at the same location.

Much of Tuesday was filled with attorneys for the defendants taking turns arguing that Deputy District Attorney Dan De Limon had not proven the case for either first- or second-degree murder.

The three defendants each face life in prison without the possibility of parole if convicted of the May 2007 murders of Miguel Salas, 18, and Brice Moreno, 21, in Homeland.

Samuel Navarro testified that it was Martinez who had attacked him on the night of the fight. "This was either self-defense or attempted voluntary manslaughter," Morreale said.The stabbings occurred during a late-night fight on May 28, 2007, after a teenager's birthday party at the home of Daisy Arceo near Highway 74.Samuel Navarro's home was on the same Ritter Avenue property as Arceo's.Sara Jewett, who represented Garcia, said the attack was not planned, but was a "sudden quarrel" that had been provoked by the party-goers. "The party-goers were armed, intoxicated and on drugs." The fight ended in two minutes, she said."The physical evidence doesn't lie," Jewett told jurors.