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20 Oct

Within our app, we can begin creating our models that will store chat and message data. Let's take another look at the tree structure for each chat: .If you've added the new class above, the Xcode compiler will be throwing an error about the class not having any initializers.XORing is commutative, meaning that XORing the member UIDs will return the same value regardless of the order they are in.After adding the code above, build the app and make sure there are no errors!With our new initializer, we'll move on to creating a service method that creates new chats in our database.As a heads up, we'll heavily make use of Firebase's ability to write data to multiple locations simultaneously.

When creating your own features, making wireframes and user flows will be extremely helpful.Let's move onto implementing the next service method.In this step, we'll begin building our chat-related service methods.This allows us to flatten our tree structure and make easily paginate messages for each chat in the future.With our new data structure in mind, we can create our data models in our app to represent .