Dobson on dating

30 Oct

David recently wrote on the couple's website, "About 10 years ago, Brodie and I dated for the first time after my father encouraged me to consider her as a potential wife.

James Dobson" Monday by saying that he is not surprised by statistics showing that men and women are waiting substantially longer to get married. "There are many reasons for this, but one of them is that many young people, even those growing up in Christian homes, have seen marital conflict and divorce within their own families," he said. Many of them are weary of getting into a relationship that may not last." As the result of contradicting messages coming from many different places, understanding God's design and plan for marital love can be overwhelming, Focus on the Family stated recently on its website.In addition to putting kids at risk for early sexual activity, dating in the young teen years interferes with the many healthy activities kids this age need to be doing.In fact, many kids start dating young just because they're bored.While she was getting ready, he'd sit each guy down on the couch and say something along the lines of, "My daughter is more important to me than anything. I expect you to treat her with the utmost respect, or you will answer to me." One guy jumped off the couch and said, "I'm sorry, sir, but I don't want to run the risk of letting you down! As for other questions, the tried-and-true "What are your intentions with my daughter? Try to find out what his interests are, how he's doing in school, and what his own family is like.His answers to these questions can reveal much about how he feels about your daughter (and women in general), the degree to which he respects authority, and his own value system.