Does updating bios remove raid

05 Jul

In order for Intel Optane memory to function you will require a GIGABYTE 200 Series Motherboards with the latest BIOS.

does updating bios remove raid-56does updating bios remove raid-71

And then when in that Linux OS, download the Linux firmware update and handle the process from there.That said, if this is a RAID setup via Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) which is not a fully hardware RAID and not a fully software RAID but somewhere in the odd middle, then this whole concept of booting from a Linux live OS won’t work. I guess I can try to use the Linux disk after all, but first I must turn off RAID in the UEFI and set it back to ACHI. The reason I thought it wouldn't matter is because it's not a Windows RAID, but a motherboard [email protected] Hope it works out!You’d have to physically remove the SSD from the machine and place it in an external enclosure or disable the RAID in the BIOS for a firmware upgrade to work. 100% not a Windows person, so my answer is based on broad assumptions of how this would work.With Optane installed feel the performance of your accelerated PC.Updating the BIOS on your AORUS or GIGABYTE Motherboard is easy.