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09 Oct

Keiotia Watson, the mother, claims she had a sexual relationship with the rapper in June 2001 that resulted in her pregnancy.In February 2002, her son Dwayne was born, named after the rapper’s real name.It could be argued that some books do have pastoral authority.They might have more teaching or preaching impact than listening to a pastor’s sermon.The question is, again, is it more like a pastor teaching a church, as in 1 Timothy 2, or being an elder over a church, as in Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3, or is it more like a private conversation with Aquila and Priscilla, as in Acts ?

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But when I would speak about appropriate roles for men and women in the church, I would get a lot of practical questions: Should a woman teach an adult Sunday School class? The lists go over activities that you think should be restricted to men, like being president of a denomination or presiding over a baptism, and activities that can be open to either men or women, like teaching high school Bible study. The three lists are governing activities, teaching activities, and areas of public recognition such as ordination.But, the woman who was deceived then became a transgressor.” That is not an isolated passage.Your book includes specific lists about which roles should be open to women. Were people asking you how to address gray areas with women in various ministry roles?How would you feel if it were discovered that something like , which has impacted and taught a lot of people, had been written by a woman? In attempting to apply the Bible wisely to life, there are two principles.It wouldn’t bother me--except for the dishonesty in pretending to be C. There is the principle of Acts , where Aquila and Priscilla took Apollos aside and together they instructed him in the way of God more accurately. That means in a private conversation--something analogous to a home Bible study--there’s approval given to men and women together talking about the meaning of the text of scripture.