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18 May

The city’s Nature Conservation Strategy has ensured the Law remains largely unspoilt and home to a wide selection of trees, plants, mosses, fungi, insects, birds and mammals. Visit Dundee Travel Info website for details of bus timetables.

Respiratory researcher James Chalmers has been awarded the title of Professor and a £422,440 grant to conduct ground-breaking research into a common but neglected lung disease at the University of Dundee.

After a second I was just like "I am catching some good stuff here".

It's just your usual night out.' Police confirmed a man and a teenage girl were charged in connection with the incident.

As such we've one of the biggest database of senior signals in the country.

Something that takes effort and commitment on both sides, this site is for Dundee singles who are ready to date.

An extinct volcano formed around 400 million years ago, the 572-foot peak is the city's most distinctive landmark and an enduring attraction for visitors and locals.

Central to Dundee’s defences for thousands of years, the Law was used as Iron Age hillfort and prehistoric graves dating to about 1500 BC have been uncovered on its slopes.

Bus cleaner Ross Smith, 21, who filmed the scuffle at around am on Friday, said the incident was typical of a night out in 'brutal' Scotland.

Ross, of Arbroath, Angus, said: 'We were out for the first time in ages but my friend got refused entry to a club so we decided to go and get some food in.