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01 Aug

When you select an item in one slicer, it will automatically select the same item in another slicer.If multiple pivot tables are based on the same data source, you can create a slicer, and connect it to one or more of those pivot tables. Selected = False End If Next si Long exit Handler: Application. Enable Events = True Exit Sub err Handler: Msg Box "Could not update pivot table" Resume exit Handler End Sub The final step is to move the slicers -- the short list slicer will go onto the main sheet, beside the original pivot table.All excel (xls or xlsx) files inside working folder will be merged into current worksheet. If you want to start new merge for multiple xls or xlsx files you have to clear the current worksheet, or create new file for merge.Download the file here: Sub simple Xls Merger() Dim book List As Workbook Dim merge Obj As Object, dir Obj As Object, files Obj As Object, every Obj As Object Application. I hope there’s also a way to merge spreadsheet similar to this but for Excel is my Passion and VBA Love of Life.Here is the macro, before adding the status bar messages. It’s done in one block of code, so there aren’t any sections where a simple message could be shown.It doesn’t really take too long to run, but should give you time to see the status bar messages changing, when we add those. So, for this macro, I added a row number check, at the beginning of the “For each c…” loop In the code, the Mod function shows the remainder after the row number is divided by 10000.Getfolder("D:changetoexcelfilespathhere") Set files Obj = dir Obj. Files For Each every Obj In files Obj Set book List = Workbooks.

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I used the Randbetween function to create the numbers, with 1 as the Minimum and 1000 as the Maximum, and then copied the data and pasted as values. To show a simple message in the status bar, you can add a line of code like this: In this example, the code runs down thousands of rows of data.Sub Group Numbers_Orig() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim rng Sel As Range Dim c As Range Dim l Col As Long Dim l Row As Long Dim l Row End As Long Dim str Group As String Dim l Row Curr As Long Set ws = Active Sheet l Row = 2 l Col = 1 With ws l Row End = _ . For rows with a zero remainder, the message is shown.It shows the current row number, and the total number of rows in the range. For example, this message would show at the 40,000 row mark.If you’ve got something to work on with several excel files.More than 150 excel files generated by a web based application have to be merged into one file and then create a summary from it. Close Next End Sub If you set a new folder within the code, and then hit “F5″ or press Sub Run button, the result will be added into current worksheet bellow the previous data.