Fistin fuck chat

28 Sep

Want to crank up the heat a bit and pleasure the person giving you head? Change up your speeds too- sometimes using a hard, pointed tongue, and then alternate with soft lips.Try grasping the testicle (balls) sack firmly but carefully ,and pulling gently down and backward while sucking or licking.

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BDSM is often associated with fetishism, an example would be the leather scene.Latex or plastic gloves provide good protection for both giver and receiver and are widely available from drug stores. Some people use oil-based creams (such as J-lube, Crisco or skin lotions) when fisting, but be aware that it damages latex condoms.If you want to use an oil-based fat as lube, it’s a good idea to use plastic gloves.If you fancy a fuck, fuck using a standard condom before you fist. The ass has no natural lubrication of its own so a water or silicone-based lubricant should get things flowing, so to speak.Oil-based creams can remain in the body and continue to damage latex condoms for up to 24 hours after usage. It’s pretty impossible to control and it tightens up when something is pushed into the anus (the ass). Good communication with your sex partner is important.