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09 Oct

We all went back to her place, and after a while the other girl left. This is the most reliable way to make it work in Holland.

Great food, great legal drugs, nice hot chicks, great art and music, great party, and a tolerant, cool, easy to get along with local population make Amsterdam a great location for single dude travel as long as a super low priced vacation isn’t a major need. Especially if you’re an American traveler, with the strength of the euro vs the dollar these days, you can spend a lot of money pretty quick there.Some hotspots include: The Bulldog (Leidseplein) is the flagship coffeeshop in the square.they have a bar there as well attached, and it’s a classic place to go.Like it’s really hard to get much of idea of what emotions they might be experiencing.I’ve had Dutch girlfriends that were very nice girlfriends but I never had any idea what they were feeling at the time.