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15 Sep

I'll be putting the emphasis on a few video calling services, because I believe as the technology trends evolve, we're going to see more and more one-on-one type of conference software come out.

It's - a lot - cheaper to use a program like Skype to host a conference call, whereas an premium service - without video - might prove to be quite costly.

Right, there are quite a few ways to understand conference calls, but as far as learning how they work goes - I recommend you read this post about the rates of conference calls, and why are they labeled free, and I recommend you read this podcast article to learn more about regulations and stipulations of Vo IP conferencing.

Make sure to dive into the comment section for the second article.

Oovoo A free mobile and web application that allows for high quality video chat, text messaging and voice calling, Oovoo is available for Windows, Mac, Android and i OS devices.

It allows for video conferencing with up to 12 members simultaneously, making it exceptionally useful for startups and small companies.

Voca One of the cheapest available alternatives to Skype when it comes to Vo IP and voice calling, Voca offers free voice calling and receiving on devices with the Voca app installed, along with cheap international calls and well-encrypted in-app messaging calling.

It is available across the globe and offers some of the lowest rates available.

Their customers include companies such as Asana, AT&T, and Pigeonly.Rehuddle is the winner in terms of simplicity and straightforwardness, it's such an easy tool to use - all you have to do is create a group name, you can then dial the given number and enter the extension that was given to you.Same applies for everyone else who wants to join the call, simple and flexible!Google Hangouts is probably one of the quickest ways of getting up and running with your free conference call.You can use it literally on any device that has either video or audio support, and the quality of calls is remarkable.