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09 Dec

When I was with my ex-fiance we had a mirror along one bedroom wall, and when I neared orgasm, I would often concentrate on the look of her feet and her calves as she dug her heels into the cheeks of my ass.

The feet are and 2nd -dary SEXUAL zone and the big toe is very phallic and in between each toe is a littel pu**y....mmmmmmm I love the sinew.tendons.bone.arch...

(If they're clean.) Anything that gets her off (within reason, I'm not a toilet.) is my pleasure, too.

I had one girlfriend that loved for me to suck her toes, while I was focking her.

Yes, I'll send pictures to those who provide ideas and input. I want them immortalized while they are still beautiful.

I have a friend doing a mold for a sculpture, and another doing portraits.