Free online phone video chat without registration

28 Oct

Every group chat will have at least one admin, and only they will be able to invite or remove participants.Everyone is free to leave a group chat whenever they wish.Widespread panic today as Whats App users couldn't send any messages.When users tried to log on to the online messaging service, they were greeted with a 'connecting' wheel of death, and after checking Twitter, it appears the same problem is happening all across Europe.This makes using Whats App calling a great alternative to making expensive phone calls while abroad and also handy if you're in an area of poor mobile reception.Rumour has it Whats App is beginning trials of a video call feature, which shouldn't come as any surprise.You're also able to easily send photographs, videos, voice messages, contacts, PDF documents and location details through the app.Sending location information is particularly useful if you ever need to meet friends and want to give them your precise location based on GPS.

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Two grey ticks mean that the message was successfully delivered to the recipient's device.Managing a conversation with that many people messaging simultaneously can be tricky but it's great for sending out a party invite, for example.There's also no limit to the number of group chats you can be a participant in.As Whats App is a cross-platform service, all versions of Whats App can send messages between one another.There aren't any charges to send messages as Whats App uses your mobile data or internet connection.