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17 Aug

The duration for the Review (90 days) was driven by a need to identify any shortcomings as soon as possible in an effort to mitigate the risk to other members of the Force, however, the time allotted did limit the depths to which some issues could be explored.Nevertheless, we are confident that we had the time, the resources and the independence required to assess the 13 areas within the Review's mandate to identify key issues and suggest improvements.

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With this Review there were anticipated and unforeseen challenges.We have met with families of the fallen and have collectively spoken with hundreds of people including the members who were present while shots were being fired and many others who responded in the following days.We have talked with civilian witnesses and walked their neighbourhoods countless times to piece together what took place.No one could have predicted that this bright summer's evening would quickly darken as the tragic events that unfolded would change the lives of many forever.That evening, within 20 minutes, Constables David Ross, Fabrice Gevaudan, and Douglas Larche were murdered, Constables Eric Dubois and Darlene Goguen were wounded, Cst.