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25 Sep

It’s no secret that modern dating is, to put it bluntly, a bit of a shit show.You’re either spending your days swiping left and right, trying to meet guys IRL, or signing up for an online dating profile (Match.com, Ok Cupid.) At times it can feel almost impossible to find the right person, but that doesn’t stop us from getting out there.All of this probably stems from several untreated mental health issues.Also, I like communist memes on Facebook and am into BDSM.It isn't like anything else I have ever seen, and it works on a deeper level.Most of the stuff I have seen is all about tactics and hacks.

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If you’re particularly unlucky, we just might broadcast it to the whole wide world on June 4 as a test of your mental strength. On the evening I come off online dating for good I thought I’d post what my profile should really have said.I’m a 25 year old single mum who’s body has seen better days and now harbours small, saggy boobs and a flabby tummy which is partially caused by pregnancy and partially because I eat anything that stays still long enough!I will act cold and detached because I fear coming across as overbearing or clingy and cannot find a middle ground.If you don’t reply to me within a day or two I will definitely think you lost interest in me even though I know I’m being irrational.