Horse lovers dating websites

15 Dec

It is a niche matchmaking online dating site for horse and country lovers alike.Despite the name the site is not just restricted to horse lovers but also includes anyone who has a love of the countryside and related activities.Furthermore, you don’t need to be looking for love to benefit from joining the site as it is just as much about fun and friendship as it is finding your perfect partner.The interest categories range from bird watching to show jumping.Horsey girls aren't that bad really." It shouldn't be difficult to meet a like-minded person in the countryside, given that there is a structured calendar of rural social events, including races and point-to-points.But according to Patricia Warren, a farmer's wife from Derbyshire who runs the Country Bureau, a rural introduction agency, the country dating scene can be bleak, whatever age you are.

Today, people are increasingly getting together through online dating — especially if they're over 50.She's an attractive 31-year-old from Hungerford in Berkshire with a successful career as a three-day event rider and a busy social diary."When they ask me why I'm single, I never know how to respond," she says. Here in the country people wonder what's wrong with you.The benefit of such a wide range of categories means that you are not restricted to equestrian activities alone.You can just as easily find someone to go on a country walk with, or twitch with, as well as someone to ride out with.