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30 Aug

570 nine's except I assume we got Barrett is up next big bear and right what she sent. And there's a lot of twentysomething quarterbacks you don't that don't act like there's a press conferences haven't gotten involved in some sort of media grudge match like this. And he was less polished in less mature some of the other quarterbacks.

What needs to be at the top of the formula list for the Panthers get the W Newsweek 704. There that would never thought our millennial with our callers from a now I want I divorced my generation seat we got a lot of young you know what you Wheeler more more everyday about a Lester should get a lot of young listeners to show right now Manso I don't wanna make -- radio statement it is condescending aging Generation X. I would point this out there's a lot to do so there's no doubt you look at young people say this historically young people and money what might do.I I think it's also won top a one week saying it doesn't. Almost since players are like he has his deal you know I mean I don't know they really care why doesn't the media person go their next week and ask him if his teammates say it is not like it's my average is it accurate Spock I wouldn't look good in the news immediately ask him a lot harder questions and they are daily NASA a question about this what are you doing why you're treating us as well guess and I read every good question. They spared him a question about Kelly Davis dumbest davis' wife when she talked about. So you grabbing it like Pluto was lectures and then it goes under and I'm glad that there's nobody could i Pod didn't play. A flag to get moving in the right you oh immediately below the key immature you broke my record the white hollow.Guys like to quarterback playing bad practice you play bad game and all that stuff like. Katie followed do you remember how you broached the White House wouldn't see if you live crew will.I had an Internet speed and disaster on the radio I'm bill broke Clinton could go. But I'm OK so he's dishes and how has that working out for you it's. Was cam I do agreed was the naysayers that he does salt a little bit too much when things get down I don't think he's a good example I agree with that talk.I don't know man I feel like they're different things with cam different aspects of him in some of them all defendants some of them are walls. I think there's leadership ability there I've seen him this year going around on a huddle pumping guys up. All around when games got tight you know and he would go around to the guys get a regular. Mom and I think in this case I think he's being immature war. I don't know what do you what do you think about this phone is unfair criticism of him that this shows lack of leadership or do you separate the two recent. Dodgers this season so far at some point you've got a question like why do you keep bringing in now. In effect their performance or not there to know that probably not I would say if I'm at some point and enough of these things do cause a distraction aware teammates might go. That's a question I don't know duke players care witty guy earlier saying that the locker rooms gotta hate tennis I don't know.