Internet dating can be addictive

29 Jul

She has the illusion of a “love life”, when in reality nothing of substance actually exists.

Meeting the men in person is a terrifying option for her because she knows they will most likely quickly realize she is not the outgoing person she portrays herself to be online.

As soon as someone catches their eye, they can engage in a virtual chat session with just a few clicks of the mouse – if the other person is also online as well.

If they’re not, they can leave a message and connect at a later date.

Help is available, but only you can take that first step.

You’ve been frequenting online dating sites for a while now.

Online dating sites are like a shopping mall for love addicts.

With literally hundreds from which to choose, love addicts can window shop for potential partners for hours on end.

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The problem with love addicts like Melissa is that their online interactions become a substitute for real life interactions.The thrill of romance and new love is like a drug for her.With the Internet, it is easier than ever for her to get her “fix”.The Internet has become a boon for many love addicts.Never before in the history of the world has it ever been so easy to connect with literally hundreds of people in short amounts of time. Just turn on the computer and you can be chatting with someone on the other side of the planet within a matter of seconds.